How to place widget on the Samsung Galaxy S6 home screen

On your Samsung Galaxy S6 you can customize the home screen by adding widgets. It’s very easy and useful to add the new widgets. By adding widgets on the home screen you can quickly access the important functions and information.

Samsung Galaxy S6 widget

In this posting, we would like to show you how to add widget on the home screen of your Galaxy S6. This works as follows:

From the home screen, pinch your both finger on the display (like the position to zoom out images) until your home screen’s size is reduced. Among the pages you will see four additional options, one of them is Widget-Button. Tap on it and you will be there on your widget menu. Here, you will find all widgets that you can use. And also the widgets of third-party apps are available. The widgets are sorted in alphabetical order.

To add a widget on the home screen, press on it longer until it’s moved, and then drag it to the empty spot on your home screen.

Now, you have known how to place widgets on the home screen of the Galaxy S6.

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