How to Quit Apps in RAM on Samsung Galaxy S6

How to Quit Apps in RAM – Every time the user opens on the Samsung Galaxy S6 an app, there will be outsourced in the RAM. For our understanding, RAM stands for Random-Access Memory, or in the simple word, it is a kind of working-memory of the smartphone.

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The RAM in the smartphone will be filled by Android operating system. The performance of any apps will be more quickly if it gets accessed. Yet, this process can lead in rare cases to performance problems.

So, here, we will let you know the ways to quit apps in RAM of Samsung Galaxy S6.

What you have first to do is just to go: Menu –> Smart Manager

After that, please tap in the Smart Manager on “RAM”. Once you tap it, your phone will display all the apps and system applications from Android that are currently used in the RAM.

After you see all of the application being run in your phone, you can quit either individual apps or by tapping “End all” to clear the RAM of your Samsung Galaxy S6.

This is just a very simple ways. Now, after doing that, RAM in your Samsung Galaxy S6 will be empty. For your information, on the Samsung Galaxy S6, the size of RAM is 3GB.

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