How to Record Interviews in Samsung Galaxy S6

How to Record Interviews – Some time we are in a situation to take an interview to some people. If you are the user of Samsung galaxy S6, you should not worry to record it even if you do not have professional equipment for interviews.

How to Record Interviews

Here, we will let you know how to record interview in Samsung Galaxy S6, as follows:

  1. Please open the menu.
  2. Please go to the app “Voice Recorder”.
  3. Once the app is open, please tap at the top left on the “Capture mode”.
  4. After that, a small window opens with three options: Standard; Interview, Voice recorder.
  5. Please select “Interview”.
  6. Please note that if you select this option, the top and bottom microphone of the Samsung Galaxy S6 will react much more sensitive to noise.
  7. Please hold the phone in direction of your interviewees.

These are the tips to record interview in Samsung Galaxy S6.

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