How to Record Video in Slow Motion on Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 completed with excellent camera quality which can record video in slow motion format. A video in slow motion format give you impression, which the processes are fast that would be imperceptible to human eyes. For instance, you can use the slow motion format to observe how the impact of water drops in slow motion.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Video Recording

Here, we would like to tell you how to find the slow motion function on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

At the first, you should open the camera app on your Samsung Galaxy S6. You will see the live camera image, and then tap on the “Mode” button. Among the different modes, you can select the “slow-motion” mode.

Now, if you want to take video in slow-motion, it will be automatically recorded in slow-motion mode. You can determine how slow the slow motion should be by using the Settings (gear).

Now you have known how to take the slow-motion video on Samsung Galaxy S6.

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