How to remove plastic skin on Samsung Galaxy S6 camera lens

After purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S6, you will notice that the device is covered by plastic foils to protect it from transport damage on delivery. One of the plastic skins located on the camera lens of the Galaxy S6.

samsung galaxy s6 camera

This was done to protect film for the camera lens from a reduced image quality after a while, especially for dust. It is suggested for you to remove the protective film as soon as possible after you received the device, because you will get more disadvantages with it.

The protective film installed well on the camera lens, so you should be careful to remove it.

The camera lens is the sensitive component, so you should do it carefully when peeling off the skin, especially if you use sharp tool. Thus, we show you how to remove the foil from the lens without problems and damages, do it with your own risk!

You need a little light, a toothpaste tube of plastic and a steady hand.

Put the display of your Galaxy S6 on the soft and flat surface, for example you can put it on a newspaper, so that the screen will not get scratch. Now take the toothpaste tube and rotate it around, so the pressed flat end can be used to remove the foil. The end of the plastic tube is very flat, but can’t cause any damage to your Galaxy S6 camera lens. It’s better rather than you use a needle.

Hopefully you don’t encounter any problem when doing the removal process.

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