How to rotate videos taken vertically in your Samsung Galaxy S5

It is very often, when people are recording a video through their Samsung Galaxy S5, they are doing this by holding the Smartphone vertically. They are unaware that by doing this, their recorded video will also in vertical mode, thus cannot be viewed in landscape mode on the Smartphone.

How to rotate video on Samsung Galaxy S5

Such condition will be more problematic if the video is transferred to a computer. Watching this kind of video will be very difficult in a PC.

Thus, to solve this problem, the solution is to rotate the video. Here we will let you know the ways to rotate video taken vertically in Samsung Galaxy S5, as follows.

  1. Please open the Gallery app on the Samsung Galaxy S5
  2. After that, please open the folder or album where the video is stored.
  3. Within that folder, please tap on the three-point symbol in the top right corner.
  4. Further, please select “studio” in the menu.
  5. After the overview page of the studio is opened, please select “Video Trimmer”.
  6. Next, please select your video that is taken vertically and then enter into the edit mode.
  7. After that, you will find a button with “Align”. Please tap on this and the video is rotated 90 ° every time you tap on this button.
  8. After you have made the correct orientation for the video, please tap on “Ok” to save the new orientation of the video.

By doing these, your vertically taken video can now be viewed in landscape mode.

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