How to save battery power on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 has a lot of integrated impressive quality of technology that consume plenty of battery power. Then, if you don’t want to charge the battery too often, you may want to save some battery power. Here, we would like to tell you how to save battery power on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

  1. Turn off unnecessary hardware on the Samsung Galaxy S6.
    When the hardware components, such as: GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi are activated, of course it will drain the battery power on your device a lot. So, it is better to disable all hardware features that you don’t really need. To do this, you need to pull down the status bar and then disable the functions via the shortcut.
    The hardware components that you can turn off are:
    –    Wi-Fi
    –    GPS
    –    Bluetooth
    –    Rotate Screen
    –    NFC
    –    Gestures
    –    SmartStay
    –    SmartScroll
  2. Turn off the apps that you don’t use, but need a lot of processing power in stand-by mode
    You need to use the app to find out what apps that need a lot of processing power. The app is Android Assistant that you can download and install easily from the Google Play Store. Tap on “processes” tab to see the processes that are currently running on the Samsung Galaxy S6.
    Go to the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6, and then tap on Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager -> tab “All” and then search for the apps that are identified as more power consuming.
    Disable the apps by tapping in the Application Manager, and then tap on the App Information Card the button “Disable”. Now the apps are turned off and no longer active.
  3. Switch the Samsung Galaxy S6 into the GSM mode
    Switching your Galaxy S6 from automatic LTE mode to GSM only mode will change the mobile frequency band, which affects on preventing your Galaxy S6 from draining battery power.
    To switch your Galaxy S6 into GSM mode, navigate your phone into Menu -> Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Select and activate “Network Mode” and then you will find “GSM Mode”.
    For your information, when you are surfing using the GSM mode, the internet speed will not be fast as you expect. So, you can switch again to the automatic to enjoy faster internet service.
  4. Switch your Galaxy S6 into the airplane mode at night.
    If you don’t expect for any messages or calls at night, it is worth to switch your Galaxy S6 into the airplane mode. When you switch your Galaxy S6 into the airplane mode, all transmitting and receiving modules are disabled in your phone, so that you can save numerous battery power. When you activate this mode, there is a possibility of losing about 1 or 2 percents battery power at night.
  5. Use the integrated power saving mode
    Samsung has installed a power saving mode in the Android settings. You can enable this feature to save more energy. Activate this feature by pulling down the status bar and then tap on the appropriate icon.
  6. Adjusting screen brightness on the Samsung Galaxy S6
    In the status bar of the Galaxy S6, you can find a slider for adjusting the screen brightness of the display. Try to keep the brightness at the lowest level to save more battery power.

If you follow some of the tips above, we believe that you will get a longer battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Other tips & tricks on your Galaxy S6 or S6 edge, you can read here.

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