How to save mobile data roaming when abroad on Samsung Galaxy S6

If you like travelling abroad using your Samsung Galaxy S6, then you need to access the mobile data, somehow it could be quite expensive. Especially when per 1 MB of data is calculated.

turn off auto sync galaxy s6

When your Samsung Galaxy S6 is connected to the mobile data network, of course it loads a lot of data synchronized in the background to the internet. The data synchronized including: WhatsApp, Google Account, Google Play Store, Email, Samsung account, Shazam and many more depend on the apps you installed.

Then you want to retrieve information only from a web site which the data is already sent and received in the background that force you to cost more money. That is why we would like to tell you how to disable the synchronization of all apps. There is an Android useful feature namely master synchronization.

So, you need to navigate your Galaxy S6 to Menu – >Settings -> Accounts.

Here, tap on button “More” and then “Turn off Auto Sync” on the pop-up menu.

Now, you can enjoy surfing the internet without worrying about the background data which was previously synchronized by your accounts.

This setting will help you to save your data volume which of course not cheap when you’re abroad.

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