How to save power on Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android Lollipop without power saving mode

How to Save Power on Samsung Galaxy S5 – If you have upgraded your Samsung Galaxy S5 into Android Lollipop, you may have experienced all new features included in the firmware update. This upgrade also brings an extended battery life, which causes a leaner resource-efficient runtime and programming.

How to save power on Samsung Galaxy S5

Of course, you can save the battery with a few tips that prolong the battery life on your Galaxy S5. There has been the power and ultra energy-saving mode included on Samsung Galaxy S5, which enlarge the battery life.

Here, we would like to show you how to extend battery life on Samsung Galaxy S5 running on Android Lollipop without using power saving modes. You can do it with these tips:

  1. Shorten screen timeout
    It’s very useful to decrease the power consumption of the display on Galaxy S5 by shorten the screen timeout. Thus, it increases on Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life. To do this tip, navigate your Galaxy S5 into Settings > Display > Screen Timeout. A window appears where you can set the timeout of the display from 15 seconds up to 10 minutes.
  2. Use dark wallpapers
    Dark pixels consume less power than bright pixels. So use the dark background images on the locks creen and the home screen on your Galaxy S5.
  3. Reduce screen brightness
    This is the most decisive factor of battery life. The darker the display will need less power rather than the brighter display. To reduce the brightness, pull the status bar down and remove the checkmark at “Automatic brightness” near the brightness control. Then move the controller to the left as the screen is readable and acceptable to you.
  4. Disable unused components
    Activate components on your Galaxy S5 all time consume more energy that causes battery drain. Thus, it is better for you to disable the hardware components that are not necessary for you. This includes: Wi-Fi, GPS, rotate screen, Bluetooth, S-Beam, NFC, Air View, gestures, etc.
  5. Enable GSM Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5
    By setting your Galaxy S5 into GSM mode, it will prevent your smartphone from switching between the mobile frequency bands. It will save the battery power. To do this, tap on Settings > Connections > Advanced Settings >  Mobile Networks > Network mode > GSM only.
  6. Use the airplane mode at night
    Set your Galaxy S5 into airplane mode if you do not expect any calls or messages. Thus, your phones will not use wireless connection which saves the battery power.
    Now you have known how to save battery on Samsung Galaxy S5 running on Android Lollipop without activating Power Saving Mode.

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