How to Setup Fingerprint Scanner & Encryption Features on Samsung Galaxy S5

Have you got the Galaxy S5? Perhaps, now you are thinking of what type of the content, apps and games that you’ll get with it. Of course this smartphone is designed to make calls, messages, but how about the security? That is the most important one. With the Galaxy S5 you have many choices for locking your phone.

samsung galaxy s5 fingerprint

Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner

Do you still remember with a report from not so long ago, about Ditto for encryption? Well, that’s a security company that uncovered users’ data – including nude photos and bank summary, from an Android phone which had been security wiped. All required features are already available, so it is definitely encrypt your handset.

We show you a quick guide of how to set up some basic security features:

Fingerprint scanner

This is the most secure way to keep your Galaxy S5. By using the fingerprint scanner, you can make mobile payment via PayPal too. The process of setup the fingerprint scanner is as below:

Settings > Fingerprint Scanner > Fingerprint Manager > Add New Fingerprint.

After that, you will be asked to make additional security login with passcode or pattern, in case the Galaxy S5 fails detecting your fingerprint.

Samsung Account

Setting up a Samsung Account is very advisable for you to perform wipe remotely in case your Galaxy S5 is stolen or lost. You also can control your Galaxy S5 by using Samsung Account if you have misplaced your phone, for example at the back of the sofa. By using the map, you can find your phone.

To activate this feature, navigate your phone to:

Settings > User & Back Up Section > Accounts > Add Accounts > Select Samsung Account.


This feature takes a while, about an hour. But it is suggested if your Galaxy S5 brings any sensitive, personal data. When you have done it, all data will be scrambled which means only you that access your handset securely which are able to view it. To activate this feature, go to Settings > Security > Encrypt.

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