How to shoot photos in RAW Format on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Android 5.1

How to shoot photos in RAW Format – The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are expected to enable Camera RAW support with their Android 5.1 update. However, up to now, there is still no option to use RAW format in Samsung’s camera app.

how to shoot photos in raw format

Hence, to access RAW format of camera shooting, you will have a different way to go. Please do not worry, since it will be just a simple download of an alternate camera application.

The RAW format supports can be downloaded through Snap Camera HDR or Camera FV-5. By downloading them, they will  enable Android’s new Camera API 2 through simple menu settings. After that, your Galaxy S6 Edge will be able to shoot photos in full RAW goodness.

Shooting in RAW format will bring you a full unprocessed image file. In first, the image in RAW format will look bad and not so good, but it actually has 100% accurate color information. This accurate information enables you to a very wide range of modification and tricks so that your image will be very nicely presented.

RAW format is basically designed for you who love to make an image processing after taking photo. Various softwares are available to perform post photo editing, like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop.

In Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, with the newest update of Android 5.1, the users will have a discretion either to activate RAW format or not when taking a photo. This, it will be a nice option for the user, as according the situation and condition they experienced in taking the image.

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