How to Solve Error After Installing Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Update in Samsung Galaxy S6

There are many experiences that installing an update in software might bring the users either an improvement in performance or some unexpected problems in the device. In case you have errors on your Smartphone after installing Android Lollipop 5.1.1 update, you can solve it by doing a so-called Wipe Cache partition.

The Wipe Cache partition will delete all old system files remaining on board. These include files from the previous Android version that led to conflicts.

Here we will let you know tips to solve errors after installing Android Lollipop Update 5.1.1 by using Wipe cache partition, as follows:

  1. Please turn the Samsung Galaxy S6 completely off.
  2. After that, please press and hold the keys of “Power On / Off”, “Volume +”, “Home button” to turn the Smartphone on again
  3. Once Samsung Galaxy S6 vibrates again, you can only release the power on/ off button. Please KEEP THE OTHER TWO KEYS from the key combination pressed until a small menu appears on the display.
  4. After that, please mark the entry “Wipe Cache partition” by using the volume down key.
  5. The entry can be selected with the Power On/ Off button.
  6. After that, the process is started. This usually takes only a few seconds.
  7. Please wait a while. The previously displayed menu will soon reappear.
  8. After that, please select the first entry with “Reboot system now” and execute the command again by pressing the power button.
  9. Please wait a while, your Samsung Galaxy S6 will now reboot again.
  10. After that, a Wipe Cache partition has been done on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

These are tips to solve errors after installing Android Lollipop 5.1.1 update. If you have an error on your Samsung Galaxy S6 after installing an update of android, please have a try to these tips.

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