How to solve focus camera issue on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Sometimes, you may notice that the camera on your Galaxy S6 get problems on focusing when trying to take photos. Well, the camera is not focus to catch on an object properly, even you select it in the live images.

samsung galaxy s6 camera

If you experience this, the error should be in the focus of the camera. Marginally there are two possibilities:

  1. The object is too close to the lens of the camera device
    You may locate the focus area improperly. So the camera of the Galaxy S6 can’t get the focus of desired objects.
  2. Check the focus of the camera using test menu on the Galaxy S6
    You can do it by opening the phone app then switch to the keypad. Enter the *#0*# to access the Samsung secret service menu. Then tap on the “Mega Cam” to test the focus.
    If you feel there is no problem with the camera focus, there should be a problem with the camera app. The possible solution is by doing a wipe cache or a factory reset.
  3. The camera of the Galaxy S6 couldn’t focus on an object in normal situation
    If this is the case, you can check the camera focus by shaking the device, because the Galaxy S6 has OIS that can help. If the OIS jammed, it effects on catching objects properly. Here, we really suggest you to bring your device to the service center to take the warranty of the Galaxy 6. The problem appears continuously, because there is a mechanical defect.

Hopefully the problems of your Galaxy S6 camera can be solved soon.

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