How to Solve Not Charging Issues with Original Charger in Samsung Galaxy S6

You may ever experience a situation where your Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot be charged, even with its original charger.

How to Solve Not Charging Issues in Samsung Galaxy S6

Here, we will let you know the tips to do if Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot be charged with its original charger, as follows:

  1. Sometimes a glitch in phone software causes this issue. So, please restart the phone and see whether it works well.
  2. Please check the phone charger port if there are any signs of dirt or lint that may interfere with charging process.
  3. If it is dirty, please clean it with compressed air or a cotton bud dipped in alcohol.
  4. Please do the same cleaning method to USB ports of cord in the Samsung Galaxy S6.
  5. Make sure that connection between USB cord and wall charger is secured and tight before charging phone again.

Hope these tips can make your Samsung galaxy S6 able to be charged again.

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