How to Solve problem of Un-Charged in Samsung Galaxy S6

According t our observation, the users of Samsung Galaxy S6 are usually charging their phone once every two days. Charging Samsung Galaxy S6 is quite easy, as you just need to connect the Smartphone with the micro USB connector and the AC charger.

However, there is also a possibility that your Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot be charged due to unidentified reasons. Even though you have connected the Smartphone with the electricity, your Samsung Galaxy S6 is still not able to receive a charged power.

Actually, there are several possibilities causing your errors. Each cause needs its solution, and we try to compile the causes and the tips to solve it for you, as follows:

  1. Please check the charger and USB cable. Please make sure that everything is fine with your cable. Sometimes it may happen that your cable is broken due to some reasons, hence please test your phone with another charger cable to make sure.
  2. Please check the Micro USB charging socket on the Samsung Galaxy S6. There are many situations that the socket is dirty die to dust or pollution. This will make electricity power cannot be transferred from your charger to your Samsung Galaxy S6. If you find that the slot is dirty, please clean it by using a toothpick from the Micro USB connection. You can use alcohol to clean it. In some situations, a compressed air may also help to solve the problem of dirty slot.
  3. Please check whether there is a bent electric Pin within the Micro USB port. In case your electric pin in Micro USB port is bent, you should fix it very carefully. This is because the electric pin is very sensitive; hence, some miscalculation in making it straight again may create damage. In case you do not want to take another risk, you can request help from some profesional to fix the bent in electric pin of your Micro USB port.

If not all of these tips work, then we suggest you to use the guarantee card of Samsung Galaxy S6, so that you can use the new charger or you can get your Samsung Galaxy S6 fixed again.

These are the tips to solve the issue of Un-Charging in Samsung Galaxy S6. We hope that these tips are helpful for you.

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