How to solve problems when Facebook app keeps crashing in Samsung Galaxy S6

If you are a user of Samsung Galaxy S6, you may experience a situation where the Facebook app in your phone crashes. This crash will make your Facebook no ​​longer usable.

Facebook app crashing in Samsung Galaxy S6

If you face these problems, here we will let you know the tips to solve crash in Facebook app, as follows:

  1. Please open in Home Screen the menu.
  2. Please go to Settings.
  3. Please navigate to Applications.
  4. Next, go to Application Manager.
  5. Next, go to “Installed Apps”.
  6. Here, please look for the Facebook app.
  7. Please tap on the entry to open the app information of Facebook app.
  8. There will be several buttons. Please tap “Force Stop”, then “Clear Cache”, and then “Clear Data”.
  9. After that, please restart your Samsung Galaxy S6.
  10. Next, please open Facebook apps, and enter login information for Facebook in.
  11. Finished, your Facebook is now free from crash problem.

These are the tips to solve problems of Facebook App crash in Samsung Galaxy S6.

Please have a try once you face such a problem.

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