How to take a screenshot from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is the latest tough smartphone from Samsung which has been designed for mastering weather situations. On the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, of course you can take images from the display, or we call it as screenshot.

how to take a screenshot on galaxy s6 active

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

The screenshot or screen print allows you to take a photo of the screen that is currently being displayed. Then, we would like to show you the methods of taking screenshots from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.

  1. Screenshot via hotkey
    Using this method, you need to press and hold the Power button +  Home button on your Galaxy S6 Active at the same time. The key combinations should be pressed and held together for about 2 seconds. Then the screenshot is snapped and stored.
  2. Screenshot using hand edge wipe
    Using this method, you have to activate the option as follows:
    App menu -> Settings -> Motions and gestures -> Palm swipe to capture.
    Enable the option using the controller at the top right. Now, you can take a screenshot by wiping the edge of the hand over the entire display.

You have known two different methods in taking screenshot from your Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.

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