How to take pictures at night with the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 equipped with high quality camera in which you can take your awesome pictures. During the day, it is easy to get nice and sharp images, but when it becomes darker, so it’s better for you to adjust the camera settings of your Samsung Galaxy S6.

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We would like to give a few of tips how to take pictures at night with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

  1. Activate the HDR mode
    One of the main options that support night shots with the Galaxy S6 is the HDR mode. This mode will optimize contrast, saturation and others that make the picture looks sharper. You can activate the HDR mode at the top of the screen within the “Auto Mode” of the camera.
  2. Raise ISO to ISO 400
    The higher ISO value, the more light you get, so it will affect on the pictures you shot.  If it is completely dark, so the Galaxy S6 will automatically get the highest ISO setting, ISO 800. We suggest you to adjust the ISO value at 400 at night which is going to favor the image quality. To change the ISO value, change the camera mode into “Pro”. Now, tap on ISO and set the value controller manually, you can select ISO 400.
  3. Turn off the flash
    When you’re taking pictures at night, the flash of the Galaxy S6 should be turned off, or the view width of the pictures is decreased. You can easily turn off the flash by tapping on the top at the flash icon of the camera.
  4. Use the self-timer Timer
    It’s better for you to use the self-timer of the Samsung Galaxy S6 before you make night shots, to prevent the camera shaken by hands. You can activate the self-timer from Live View Screen.

You have known several tips of how to take pictures at night with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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