How to Turn Off Touch Sound on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

When you touch the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, you will hear a bubbling. This touch sound shows you that you have just touched the screen of your Smartphone. After a short time, most users turn off this touch sound, because it is more disruptive than helpful.

how to turn off touch sound

If you do not know how to turn off the touch sound from your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini then we would like to explain here how this works in Android.

Simply open on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini the menu and then the Settings. Tap on “Sound” and then in the next sub-menu scroll down a bit down. In the section “Feedback” you can find an entry with “touch sound”. Remove the hook in the checkbox to disable this notification sound on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. Finish!

Now when you touch the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini you will hear no more noise.

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