Listening music from YouTube with display off on Samsung Galaxy S5

When you installed a YouTube app on your Galaxy S5, you can play all videos. So, it is quite difficult to imagine if it is used for pure music usage. If you want to listen to music on YouTube, the display always appears on your screen. So, when you turn off the display, the music also stopped.

YouTube Music Player

It is possible when you want to listen pure music from YouTube on your Galaxy S5, but as always, the app is the key:

The app is called PVSTAR + (YouTube Music Player)

The player app can be downloaded for free from Amazon App Store. After the installation, you can easily search for music. It also allows you to create your own playlists. And now, when you play the music from YouTube, the display can be turned off without stopping the music.

Now, you have known how to turn off the display of YouTube without stopping the sound.

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