The Meaning of Circle with dash symbol in Samsung Galaxy S7

When you find a symbol of circle with a line in the middle in the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S7, it can be meant “Do not disturb” or the non-bothersome mode in Samsung Galaxy S7 has been working. This mode is designed to make you more relaxed in your desired quietness, it only allows calls that you have previously set as the wanted ones.

dash symbol in Samsung Galaxy S7

As detailed above, you will notice a circle icon with the dash in the middle in the status bar when this non- bothersome is activated. But, if you see this symbol without any intention before, you can change the setting as follow:

Home screen >> App Menu >> Settings >> Do not disturb

After you switch off the controller “Active Now”, you won’t see the symbol anymore in your status bar. You could also need to switch off the “Enable as planned” by the glider providing that you have saved a time at the active mode.

Now you have understood what, why, and how the circle with the dash in the midpoint in the status bar is on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

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