Milk Music App on Samsung Galaxy S5

The new smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn’t have an FM radio tuner that provides a local FM radio. Thus, Samsung tries to come up the Samsung Radio (Milk Music) which can be used to tune an FM Radio.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Milk Music

But, the way to use the Radio is not the same with usual FM radio tuner we use, although we can make our station and listen to music and make a playlist by using app namely Milk Music. Unfortunately, we should have an internet connection to use it. It also can be said that it such kind of streaming service.

Milk Music gives you a service to set your favorite songs based on their popularity or release date. You can also set your favorite stations and make a list of them. Milk Music gives you an access by creating your own Samsung account, so your playlist will be saved in your account which can be accessed anytime and anywhere.


Setting Up Milk Music

Creating My Stations

You can make a station playlist in this app:

  1. Tap the Action Bar which is located at the upper-right side of the screen.
  2. Tap Create Station
  3. Type and choose your favorite songs and artists.
  4. You can start managing your station by using Manage My Stations.
  5. Then touch More Options to manage your stations.
  6. To make any changes in your stations you can choose Edit Stations then choose Edit.
  7. You can delete your stations by choosing Remove from My Stations.


More Options

Favorite song – You can put any songs to be your favorite, and you can play it more often.

Never play song – This deletes a song from the radio play.

Add to my stations – It makes your station based on the sub-genre that you listen.

Remove from my stations – It removes a station you made.

Create station from song – It makes a station based on the song that you‘re listening to.

View station details – It shows you a description of the genre of the songs.


Milk Music Settings

You can choose the streaming according to the quality of audio, your location, and turn on the lyrics.

Samsung account – You need to login first using email address and password. You can choose Account details to show your account settings.

Audio quality – You can choose standard quality or high quality.

Allow application to use my location – You can permit the Milk Music to show your location data.

Explicit content – You can allow the song to show the explicit content to be played in your station.

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