How to monitor CPU temperature on Samsung Galaxy S5

How To Monitor CPU Temperature – The hardware built in a Samsung Galaxy S5 is able to reflect the condition of system data. For example, it is possible to know the temperature of CPU. The more CPU operates the more electricity flows, so that the CPU will be warmer or hotter.

how to monitor cpu temperature on galaxy s5

How to Monitor CPU Temperature on Galaxy S5

Detecting temperature of CPU is necessary. If the CPU is too hot, there should be a treatment where an automatic shut-off should be done to prevent damaging of the CPU.

If you want to know about the temperature value of CPU on your Galaxy S5, it is important for you to know this post, because we will tell you about it. Actually Android operating system does not have special way to detect the processor temperature, so you can do this by downloading and install an app from Google Play Store.

This app named Cooler Master. This app allows you to monitor temperature value of the CPU of your Galaxy S5. This app also has great function to monitor CPU temperature in a long time period. So you know the temperature when you are playing game, surfing the internet, etc. And also, the ability of CPU to load high app appears in this Cooler Master app.
Well, now you can monitor the CPU temperature of your Galaxy S5 easily.

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