How to Open Service menu on Samsung Galaxy S7

A code inside Samsung Galaxy S7 can be operated to open a secret menu by which you can check hardware components’ differences by means of their paces. The service menu generally used by service technicians is involved. Now, we are intending to show you on how to open the Service menu on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

How to Open Service menu on Samsung Galaxy S7
Firstly, You should open the home screen of Samsung Galaxy S7, the menu, and then the phone app.

Second, change to the Phone app on the keypad, then enter the following code: * # 0 * #. The code you have just entered will show on Samsung Galaxy S7 secret service menu.

Now you’ll see various gray tiles. Each tile reflects a hardware verification or stands for more information about the hardware. The most significant here is the menu item “Sensor”. By this entry you will be able to simply retrieve the sensor data of Samsung Galaxy S7 and check it for appropriate functioning.

You know how to open Service menu on Samsung Galaxy S7, how to show information, and how to show hardware tests. When you wish to exit the menu, press the back button (soft key) twice in succession.

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