How To Print Text Messages From Samsung Galaxy S5

How To Print Text Messages From Samsung Galaxy S5 – Text message has always been an important part of our mobile life. And with the popularity of all kinds of smart phones, text message also has a more comfortable user experience today.  Now you can print text messages from your Samsung Galaxy S5 in order to save a lot of precious text messages on Smartphone.

how to print text messages from samsung galaxy s5

Of course, you can take screenshots and email photos to your computer for printing, but this method is only suitable for very short conversations. If the talk is long, what will you do?

How to Print Text Messages From Samsung Galaxy S5

Here, you can choose reliable SMS exporter software as your assistant. If there is no obvious proverb in your mind, you can bring this Samsung Message Backup into your account. However, you can export SMS messages to your computer and save them in .xml or .txt format. Then you can open these files and print them directly. Here are detailed instructions, just follow the steps on your computer.

  1. Launch the program and connect Samsung Galaxy S5 to your computer

Connect your Samsung phone from where you want to print text messages to an empty USB port on your computer and wait for your phone to appear as a removable storage device in My Computer. Install and run the program on your computer.

  1. Transfer message or SMS notes to your Computer

Click the “SMS” button in the left panel, then the program will display all the text messages on your Samsung Galaxy S5 one by one. You can enable preview of this conversation in the program until you find what you want to export. Then click “Import / Export” to complete the export process.

  1. Print a text message

Locate and open the exported file and then print it easily through your local printer. If the computer is not connected to the printer, you can copy these files to the connected computer and print them.

That’s some easy ways How To Print Text Messages From Samsung Galaxy S5.

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