How To Remove Eye Icon in Status Bar

Sometimes you might notice the eye icon in your status bar of Samsung Galaxy S5. The icon appears at regular period of time and then disappears again. If you feel doubt about what happens with the eye icon, just read this post and you will get information about that.

galaxy s5 eye icon

One thing you should know that the eye icon comes from the Smart-stay function which is available in Samsung Galaxy S5. The function of Smart Stay is to illuminate the display so that you can look at it clearly.

From the explanation above, it means that the symbol will appear regularly at the top of the status bar of Samsung Galaxy S5, no matter you are watching it or not. For this purpose, when the front-facing camera is used, the eye icon appears to check whether you are still watching the screen or not.

But, if you are disturbed by the eye icon appearance on your Samsung Galaxy S5, and want to remove it from the status bar, you can follow the instruction below:

Just go to menu “Settings”>”Display”.

In the display menu, you will see an option “Stay smart”. Just remove the tick to disable the function, and then the eye icon will never getting back in the status bar anymore.

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