How to Remove Facebook Birthday from the Calendar of Samsung Galaxy S5

If you use Facebook app and on your Samsung Galaxy S5, you will find that all birthdays on your Facebook friends are displayed on the calendar app S planner. It will be sometimes very annoying when you find hundreds of your friends’ birthday on the calendar app.

How to Remove Facebook Birthday

Therefore, we will guide you how to remove the synchronized birthday on the calendar and to disable this automatic sync between the calendar and Facebook app.

Here are the steps:

  1. Disable the sync of birthday via the Facebook app
    Open you Samsung Galaxy S5, your Facebook account and within the menu (three horizontal bars icon). Move down to the section “Help & Setting” and type “App Setting”. Move down to the bottom and click on “sync contacts”. Now, choose the entry “Synchronize nothing”. Click “Finish” at the upper right button to apply your Facebook setting.
    Then, you will find no more contacts sync in the calendar app S planner. It is better than if you delete the Facebook birthdays, they will be automatically synchronized again.
  2. Delete Facebook Birthday from Android Calendar
    Open the calendar app on your Samsung Galaxy S5 and type within this app on the upper right at the three-point icon. Then go on “Calendars” and remove here at “Facebook” the hook in the checkbox.
    You are able to close the app now and restart your Galaxy S5. You will find no more birthdays from Facebook in the calendar displays.
    You now understand how to disable the synchronization of the Facebook birthday on Samsung Galaxy S5.

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