How To Remove SIM Card From The Slot

When you have ideas to sell your Samsung Galaxy S5 or switch to another mobile carrier, you should remove the SIM card from the slot. You may feel it’s difficult to do, because the tight SIM card slot on your Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Remove Card Slot

We’ll show you how to remove SIM card from Galaxy S5 SIM card slot. This method needs one thing: A sewing needle.

How To Remove SIM Card From The Slot

  • Open your battery cover, remove the microSD card if available.
  • Under the microSD card slot, you’ll see the SIM card slot. You can slide the SIM card using the needle as shown on the picture. Once the SIM card apart of the SIM card slot, you can get it with your finger.

Do this method carefully, so that it will not damage other components on your phone with the needle. Hopefully this method can help you which feel difficult to remove the SIM card from the Galaxy S5 slot.

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