On Report: “Pink line” display issue on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are reporting a problem with an irremovable vertical pink line on the device’s display. Some websites and social channels have highlighted this problem since early March 2016, just after Samsung released this device. But then after the tech site Mice highlighted it, it grew traction.

Pink line issue on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

It is still a question on the cause of the pink line. Many users report the line appears randomly, even it may due to physical damage, water damage or other mistreatment. It is advised by Samsung community moderator to have it fixed. But then, it arises some questions: whether it’s covered under guarantee or whether it’s the fault of the users. Officially, the company hasn’t responded it yet.

Myce recommend the owners (for short-time repair) to go to the dial paid on S7 edge, and type *#0*#, then click on Red, Green and Blue. It should reset the individual pixels of each color, and repeat this several times.

If you have the device and experience this problem, you may share your problem with us or you can visit this Samsung Galaxy S7 User Guide page to get more tips to solve your problems.

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