How To Reset Keyboard Dictionary on Galaxy S5

Reset Keyboard Dictionary – If you have used Samsung Galaxy S5, and then you tried to type with the keyboard for SMS, email, memo, or others, you might find detected words itself on keyboard. Actually this is caused by the dictionary setting on your handset. If you do not reset the function, you might find difficulties in typing.

reset keyboard dictionary android

Reset Keyboard Dictionary Android

Of course it looks annoying, because your words will look formal to your close friends. You are also able to write informal words in this setting, but you need to re-delete the word and then type again the word that you expected. It is so difficult. So, if you want to set your keyboard to common used keyboard setting, by creating your own personalized data, please follow the below methods:

From your home screen, open the menu and then go to “Settings”>”Language and Input”>tap on “Gear” icon next to Samsung keyboard>tap on “Predictive text”.

Find on “Predictive text” menu, scroll down till you find the entry “ Clear Personal Data”. Tap on this, to delete all your personal data. Thus, your dictionary on Samsung Galaxy S5 has been reset.

Now, you can enjoy typing on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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