How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S5 – Samsung Galaxy S5 is a high-quality Android Smartphone that comes with a 5.1-inches Amoled touch screen, powered with a 2.5-GHz quad-core processor, Andoroid 4.4.2 KITK and along with 2 GB RAM. If you have this Smartphone and looking for a way to root, you are on the right place because this article will show you step-by-step tutorial for the Samsung Galaxy S5 root.

how to root samsung galaxy s5

This procedure does not require a PC or laptop to root your device. So, root your device without using a computer and get the ability to install custom firmware ROM, remove pre-installed applications, custom Android apps, etc.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Ensure your device has at least a 50-60% battery.
  2. Disable all anti-virus applications on your Smartphone.
  3. The rooting procedure presented here is not a data loss process but there is nothing wrong to have a backup of your personal data on your Smartphone.
  4. enable USB debug mode on your Smartphone by following this path: Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Patch. If you cannot see developer options on your device, enable it by following this path: Settings -> About phone (click the build number for 5-7 times to activate it).

After completing all these initial tasks, you can proceed with the rooting lessons listed below.

  1. Go to in your mobile browser and click the lambda icon to download the tr.apk file. While you do this, you may get a warning message that this file may harm your device. Just ignore and upload your APK files.
  2. Once the tr.apk file is downloaded, click to install the towelroot application on your device.
  3. Once done, open the Toweelroot app on your Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone and click on “make it ra1n” to launch the root action. After the rooting process is complete, the Smartphone will automatically restart.

That’s How To Root Samsung Galaxy S5. Now you have successfully completed rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone using the root application with a single click of Handcrotter. To confirm, download the root checker from Google Play Store, install it on your device and confirm the root access on your Smartphone.

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