Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra start receiving Patch Software to fix Camera Autofocus issues

Samsung still insists to push through with the Unpacked 2020 event, with a real threat from the extant coronavirus outbreak at the time. Although some of the back-up invitations of the highly anticipated product reveal, South Korea’s consumer electronics company is KEGULP to uncover its newest flagship model, namely about the Galaxy S20 series. Unfortunately, shortly after the launch earlier this month, the camera issues report was cut off. Now, the new update hopes to fix all three variants.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The majority of consumers are quite excited to take the latest Premium deals from Samsung on the release of observing something about imaging performance. Like the hardware refresh, the new model comes with a camera and enhanced features. While the three are more or less equivalent when it comes to performance, the Ultra leads a pack with a 108-megapixel sensor and 10x hybrid zoom capability.

Among the Galaxy S20 series, only Ultra is capable of delivering up to 100x zoom. The owner of one of three models voices their complaints regarding the reliability of the autofocus feature. While it is most obvious on the range-topping variant, users also note the same problem with the base model and slightly larger version. For some reason not described, the camera allegedly does not properly lock on the subject.

Samsung already has improvements on the way through the latest software updates. Some reports have confirmed that it is available for certain territories and those units with the Exynos processor. However, the new soon followed that this is a slowly seeding to the model factory opened globally as well. For the carrier-locked model, the owner may have to wait a little longer until the network engineers review and approve it for distribution.

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