Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Manual / User Guide PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Manual – Overall, in our opinion, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active can make your Smartphone like a military device. For you who love a military style, the Galaxy S6 Active is recommended to improve your performance.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Manual

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Specs

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is designed with metal body wrap it, which make it a little bit thicker than usual. According to our observation, Samsung Galaxy S6 active buried the battery is larger. However, we still feel that the overall design looks beautiful with dimensions measuring 146.9 x 45.7 x 8.8 mm. the device is light enough as the weighs is only 138 grams.

There is a camera in Samsung Galaxy S6 Active that has a resolution to produce the best quality of video and images at the moment. We find that it is armed with 16 main cameras, making the phone able to take a photo with a resolution of 5312 x 2988 pixels.

We have tried the camera within the phone, and overall we can say that the quality of the photo is enhanced with the features of OIS (optical image stabilization). It also has an extremely fast autofocus. In addition, LED lights flash will optimize shooting night. In our experience, this phone is able to record 4 k resolution video @ 30 fps. In addition, 2160p can already record motion video slot with 720 p resolution @ 120 fps.

On the other hand, the front camera Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is quite amazing. It has a 5-Megapixel camera. Thus, it is able to make a video recording, a dual Full HD 1080 p video call, and Auto HDR mode. All of this capability will make the users so satisfied and love the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active so much.

The power to the phone is supplied from a battery of a Li-ion sized 3500 mah. This kind of battery will undoubtedly provide a long time life for the users, even when they want to use phone, playing games, or access the internet simultaneously.

The motor of all software operation in Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is 7420 Exynos Chipset, which is made with 16 nanometer technology. It has a 64 Bit processor architecture with a core 2 Quad-core. Overall, we can say that the users should not worry, because the performance of the processor is the fastest at the moment. In term of RAM, it has capacity of 3 GB graphics processing and a T760-Mali GPU.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active User Manual

You can download the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active user manual in PDF format by visiting the download link below. Hope you enjoy!

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