Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: A Beauty and Power in One Whole Package

The Galaxy S6 is the efortless single-screen addition to this new Samsung Galaxy clan, it has some mutual features such as dynamic, ultra-responsive camera , refined metal and glass design. Same brilliantly powerful processor–all on one beautifully clear HD display.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge design

The Galaxy S6 edge is also designed for bussiness people wh have to deal with some offices job such as making a report or email this phone can do those things at the same time also can protect all of the files from viruses and hackers with built-in, defense-grade security. From an ultra-fast processor and all the applications you desire to the highest level of phone enterprise protection, the Galaxy S6 edge is designed to get things done. Samsung S6 has created a better version of Samsung’s family it has sleeker body .This phone Samsung has introduced the better version of Samsung family, there are some similarties between Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S6

Both of them try to give users as much screen space and processing power as possible in a more solid and slimmer design than their big-screened predecessors. the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge both have appearance almost look like and have size as big as Apple’s iPhone 6, and people still wondering which are among the best phones on the market, and the glass body is ringed by metal, eqquiped with volume buttons on the left and a sleep / power button on the right and there’s a headphone jack and speaker on the bottom of the phone, and the rear camera still bulges out, making it impossible to lay the phone flat on its back.

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