Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has win a top award in 2015

It is reported that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge wins an award as the Best Phone in the event named TechRadar Phone Awards 2015. The event is held in London, U.K.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Top Award

The evaluation is made based on several considerations. These include the design, durability, performance, and favorability in the market. Several phones in the market are evaluated by experts in media tech.

It is reported that the design of curved flagships has a key role in making the phone as a winner. The curvature of the phone is slight, making it quite different from the other Smartphone.

The curved edge makes Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge the most interesting looking handsets. While the front part of the hone is quite beautifully curved, the rear part of the phone is as flat as a pancake. This make Samsung galaxy S6 feel a lot wider.

In addition, the specs within the phone are also quite interesting. It has an Exynos 7420 processor and 3GB of RAM. It also has a 5.1-inch display looks so beautiful.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is also evaluated to be faster in charging process than the other Smartphone. In addition, it also supports wireless charging.

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