Samsung Galaxy S7 Features Britecell Camera Tech Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features Kyushik Hong is one of LSI chip division of Korean Corporation member, he said that Britecell technology is improving about the the conditions of sensitivity significantly in low light shooting, this final result has significantly lack of deviation in pictures, and the there is a reduction in the color’s fuzziness, if that is right those things would be an important breakthroughs for devices photography, as the capabillity of smartphones to take images in the condition which is dark, as a leading smarphone on the market Samsung phones would upgrade its newest camera high technology. It is well known as a Britecell, it is hoped to available in the Samsung Galaxy range that going forward, at first it was flagship Galaxy S7 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Britecell Camera Tech

The Sophisticated techhnology of the camera was revealed in the forum of Samsung elektronics investor forum in 2015. The actual date of arrival about this technology hasn’t been informed yet, based on the rumour mill suggests that the technology suppose to be equipped in the Samsung Galaxy S7 device. An official launch date for Britecell technology has not been revealed yet, so it is something still be in trial and error process that is not kind of certainty whether the Britchell technology would emerge in the Samsung Galaxy S7, in other hand the Korean Smartphone company is going to provide fledging technology in flagship smartphone, unfortunately this is not as a guarantee that timescales would be involved in preparing this thing.

Samsung company can some advantages by launching Britecell technology just like apple which hs tried to address this case by creating and developing system of lens and also a new dual sensor, the different is that Samsung prefer to provide thhis system in the Samsung Galaxy S7, those give it clear edge over very good rival. There are some rumours say that from the initial info that Samsung smartphones gloves are out of the battle betwee Samsug and Apple company, as a leading global market electronics company Apple inc expects to upgrade the iPhones camera in 2016. Apple has bbeen linked with so many examples of innovative technology of camera.

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