Samsung Galaxy S7 having Capability of Video Playback at Full-brightness for 17 hours Rumors

It is believed to be early to mention due at Mobile World Congress 2016, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 rumor has been spreading extensively since last few weeks, insiders are currently fleshing out the smartphone more and more. A said full (relatively speaking) specifications page indicated an essential improvement in battery convenience of the Galaxy S7 when compared with its predecessor—3000mAh versus 2,550 mAh. By declaring the Samsung Galaxy S7 is very strong now, an informed party, Eldar Murtazin, places more weight behind that report.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Video Playback
So just how Mr. Murtazin got his hands-on such intel isn’t obvious (thus never make any conclusions just yet), but he is claiming that the next Samsung flagship can be more than 17 hours to continuously video playback at full brightness. As the term of “full-brightness” can be a vague through the entire industry, thus we’ll not provide any responses, however for the 17 hours part we are able to offer some insights into. Now, first of a short disclaimer: it’s probably video playback at full-brightness for 17 hours where method Samsung applies when rating their smartphones As an example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is rated at video playback for 13 hours, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is rated for 15 hours. According to these proven facts, a rating for 17 hours isn’t a exaggerating even ready when the battery capacity has, actually, proven, and claim at all an important increase in performance.

Another factors apparently might have set their big efforts for the better performance of Samsung Galaxy S7 are the Exynos 8000 series processor and the better Super AMOLED display technology, together with better Memory and further optimized TouchWiz under Android 6.0 Marshmallow. We’ve got to keep in our mind that this information isn’t confirmed, although we may believe in this information. So act accordingly. It doesn’t take that long time until we finally realize it for sure, if Samsung is really planning in February to unveil at MWC 2016.

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