Samsung plans to release 64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ to Europe this month

As it has been formally announced, Samsung will offer the consumers two options of storage capacity for the newest flagship, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. However, up to now, the consumers, especially in the Europe, only see one type of storage capacity within Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

The available option in the market is so far only 32GB. This version is considered not attractive enough for some people who expect larger data saving capacity in their Smartphone.

It is reported that the other option of storage capacity is 64GB. The most recent news about it is that this type of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ will be made available in the market of Europe by this month.

This means that all customers who are waiting on 64GB model will get the preferred model in the next few weeks. Indeed, to get 64GB models of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, the customers should pay extra.

It is also quite surprising that in Netherland and German, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ with 64GB capacity storage has been already to purchase at some retailers.

As it is reported by some mass media, quite many people prefer to chose 64GB of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. This is because having big capacity enables them to save more data and at the sometime improve the performance of the device. Most of them are avoiding 32GB model because in this model, there is no option for expansion anymore.

In addition, there is still no news about Samsung Galaxy Note 5. There is still no official statement about the possibility that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be coming to Europe. As it is previously said by Samsung officers, their company still have has no plans to launch this kind of phablet in EU markets.

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