Samsung reported to feat Nexus-like toned-down TouchWiz for the Galaxy S6

There are many reports from the Samsung device users about their Samsung smartphones. One thing they don’t like is the TouchWiz. There are many opinions about the Samsung user interface. Fortunately Samsung considered those complaints and attempts to fix the UI.

TouchWiz Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung is attempting to introduce a toned down version of TouchWiz for Samsung Galaxy S6, according to South Korean press. Not only of being toned down, but the report said that Samsung is predicted to go as far as making the firmware device quite similar like “Nexus”.

We presume that Samsung is following the Motorola route and apply features through apps, and sense more Android 5.0 Lollipop. The way that will be taken by Samsung could be to reduce the memory size of the Samsung Galaxy S6, which could improve the common perception that the Samsung device performance is getting worse over time.

But, why we haven’t received the Android update for Galaxy S5, where in Europe and South Korea the device is receiving Android 5.0. Actually the phones are receiving the Android 5.0 and not the latest version of Android Lollipop.

Samsung was reported being testing the maintenance upgrades internally, and will launch the update when they are ready. So, it is possible for the changes of the devices available on the update, but there is no exact information what Samsung will do.

Apart from the Samsung effort to improve its device, it is very important for Samsung to consider the criticism so the next flagship device will have improved performance. Let’s see the performance of the Galaxy S6 in Berlin next month.

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