Samsung S7’s Features a step ahead of Google Pixel

The most favored Samsung Devices, The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Google Pixel smartphones are the best marketted today. These two smartphones have quite remarkable specification and features. There are many opinions on both Smartphone where the Pixel performs. Some tech experts gave better reviews and vice versa. Here are the explanation why Google Pixel owners can have a better performs than S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Google Pixel

Based on Express, the two types of Google Pixel and Pixel XL are better than Galaxy S7 Edge on the personal assistant front.  The users can prove the importance of the Google Assistant’ feature for its context-aware. This assistant is limited to Pixel XL and Google Pixel recently. The users do not need to utter like a robot since it is quite smart to notice whether the questions were previously connected or not.

Even Google Pixel gets some critics on the exclusion of microSD card slot to expand internal storage of it, it posses something that the other phone doesn’t, including the S7 Edge. The users can store free photo and video. So the users do not to worry when they capture something, it will be automatically backed up to Google Photo for free.  The images will be unlimitedly stored in Google Photos, the cloud-based photo management software. The images can be up to 16MP and the videos can be up to 1080p.

However, the users should be aware to the uncompressed photos. It can eat up much storage even it is still fine with Google Pixel. The users do not need to be always alarmed on clearing up the storage. Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones will delete the images and videos which have been back at full quality. This surplus is exclusive to Google Pixel and Pixel XL, not to Samsung Galaxy S8.

Google Pixel also has 24/7 support feature. The users can start a video or text fast using Google expert who will give the users solutions at the specific time and place. They can have VR capabilities via Daydream VR as Google’s special interest. Google also makes a latest standard and has linked it with its newest operating system, Android 7,1 Nougat. The users of S7 can enjoy this only via the Gear VR headset.

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