Samsung will simplify TouchWiz for the Galaxy S6, while the device will be available in South Korea next month

Samsung has worked hard to improve its hardware smartphone, but in term of software, it still looks annoying. Samsung devices seem tough with nice features, but TouchWiz UI is quite greedy, because it takes a lot of storage space and eating up memory, even bothers performance.


Fortunately, everything could change with the Galaxy S6. Samsung claimed to Business Korea that the aim of Galaxy S6 is to clean up unnecessary functions and simplify the UI at the Google Nexus 6 level.

It seems difficult when Samsung tries to simplify the UI at the Google Nexus 6 level, because Nexus 6 is Android stock smartphone. But, we hope that it could happen, because it could improve Samsung’s software experience, although many Samsung fans will get disappointed about that.

In a report from, Samsung was reported to begin mass producing the Galaxy S6 in February, while most of the world should wait the phone till March. The Galaxy S6 starts to be purchased in South Korea as next month.

The source also explained information we have heard before about the specifications of the phone.

It is clear for the Galaxy S6 will be at MWC 2015, so we hope we can get some leaks and rumors in the coming weeks.

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