How to save power battery on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

How To Save Power Battery on Samsung Galaxy S5 – It is very annoying when we want to use our smartphones, but suddenly the battery is getting empty. Many tutorials appear on internet you can find easily. Just type with the right key word and you’ll find many tips to improve battery life. One of them is here. And now, we will talk about managing battery life on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. Galaxy S5 Mini is a one of family member of Galaxy S5. It’s small and handy with wonderful features and specifications. But, nothing is perfect.

How to save power battery on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

How To Save Power Battery On Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

You may find the Galaxy S5 Mini battery is easy to drain. How to fix this problem? Let’s do it on the following tips:

Tip 1: Reduce display brightness on your phone

Do you know that the display brightness brings your battery phone getting drained? Not only in Galaxy S5 Mini, but also in all phones. Thus, it is better for you if you want to save your battery power by reducing the brightness. You should pull the status bar down, and then choose the brightness icon, and then reduce it by pull it to the left. Now the brightness is reduced, and will help you in saving battery power.

Tip 2:Disable active features that you don’t need

Power off the features you don’t need also help you to save the battery consumption. Check the active features on your Galaxy s5 Mini, such as: Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, S-Beam, NFC, Notification LED, etc.

If it is possible you also may to turn the data connection off. The activities that involve internet connection also suck your battery power. Pull the status bar down, and then tap on the data icon to disable the function.

Tip 3: Switch to the GSM Mode

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini provides many frequency bands from GSM to LTE. When you don’t need the data connection, it’s better for you to switch your Galaxy S5 Mini into GSM Mode.

From the home screen, open the Menu and go to Settings. And then go to Network Connections, and tap on Other settings>Mobile networks>Network mode. Here choose the “GSM” option.

Tip 4: Switch your Galaxy S5 Mini to Airplane Mode

At night when you feel there are no incoming calls and SMS expected, it is advisable for you to turn the phone into Airplane mode. It will disable all data connections, and only needs minimum battery consumption, it’s about 1-2% consumed power battery. It will not provide radiation exposure too, when you are sleeping.

To activate the airplane mode, just pull the status bar down and then tap on airplane icon.

Now you have known how to save the battery life on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

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