How to Search manually for new firmware in Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

Do you know that with a new firmware on Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, the user can get an update against vulnerabilities, new features or design changes in the graphical surface? The feature of Samsung galaxy S5 Neo is quite helpful for the users as it provide an automatic update for those issues.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo User Guide

However, in some cases, the update is not immediately displayed.
In these cases, the users are recommended to manually trigger the search for a new firmware.

Here, we will share you the tips to search manually for new firmware in Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, as follows:

  1. Firstly, please navigate to the menu
  2. Then, please go to the Settings
  3. Please scroll down to the entry “Device Info” and tap on it
  4. Here, please continue to “Software Update”
  5. Then, please click on the button “Update Now” to start the manual search for a new firmware update.
  6. It is imperative to note that your Smartphone should be connected to the internet to perform these tips.
  7. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo will then automatically search the servers for a new firmware.
  8. Once the version is higher than the one that is installed on the phone, you will receive a proposal to update.
  9. Finally, you can download and install to stay up to date.

These are the tips to search manually for new firmware in Samsung galaxy S5 Neo. We hope that these tips are helpful for you.

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