How to set favorite song as a ringtone on Galaxy S5

How to set favorite song as a ringtone on Galaxy S5 – Samsung Galaxy S5 brings better feature than its predecessors. In usual usage, you also can set your favorite song as ringtone for incoming calls.

How To Set A Ringtone On Galaxy S5

Are you curious how to do this, please check the steps below:

How To Set A Ringtone On Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Choose your favorite song on your Galaxy S5. If your favorite song is not available on your phone, you can copy the song from PC using USB cable, or just download the mp3.
  2. After you have determined your favorite song, and place it on your phone, navigate from the home screen to the Menu, and then open app “Music”.
  3. After opening the app, select the song which has extension of .mp3 you want to set as a ringtone. Tap and hold for a moment till the song is highlighted.
  4. When you see the dots upper right of the screen, tap on it.
  5. Open the menu, and then select “Set as”.
  6. After you select “Set as”, the choices will appear:
    • Phone ringtone.
    • Caller ringtone.
    • Alarm ringtone.
  1. Choose one you want. And now you have set your favorite song as a ringtone on your Galaxy S5.


You are also able to set your favorite song from the beginning of the song or even choose the best part of the song you want. For the last, you can use the Auto Recommendation Functions. The Auto Recommendation Functions extracts the highlighted sound of the song. Just set the two markers, and then tap on the top right “OK” to confirm your choice and to switch the incoming calls ringtone on your Galaxy S5.

Now, you succeed to set up your favorite mp3 song as a ringtone for incoming calls. Keep an eye to check our other posts that may help you much in managing your Android smartphones. See you!

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