Several reasons why buy the Galaxy S6 Edge is a must

The Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the masterpiece of Samsung. The device is truely exclusive , Samsung has quality and uniqness that proves make it different with any othe smartphone on market , what makes it really worth buying? These are some reasons to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

samsung galaxy s6 edge


Samsung design team has done the great job, this device has an elegance and beautiful in whole body , it was probably designed specially for those who love the art of beauty , Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is combination of sophisticated and magnificant design.

Several advantages of the curved edges, they really lend the Galaxy S6 Edge a magnetism       that is certanly unusual in a marketplace which is dominated by identikit devices. Metal and glass last touching make you doubt to touch the screen, otherwise you ruin the sleek styling with a grubby fingerprint, Samsung has attention to detail even the colored material that forms the outer layer looks dazzling.


This Smartphones in every new model always brings a new innovation, the Galaxy S6 Edge sees that Samsung makes some good progress in returning battery life to the stage , The phone can now last a full day , that is something the previous samsung type couldn’t do. It’s comparable to the iPhone 6, which attract many people to praise for its battery life. n Samsung’s fast Charge 2.0 technology can be used from 10 percent battery to 50 percent in less than half an hour, which is a very good when you’re in a rush. Wireless charging is now also becomes reality,

Unique features

Those Edges aren’t just visually elegant , the Galaxy S6 Edge also have some interesting and unique features. Might be the best known of these is the personalized color notificationsthat you can customize, linking each color to a contact in phone. And there are still some other features that is ttract people’s attention esepecially for Samsung’s lovers . As well as let you to receive notifications when your phone is face down on a table, the Edges can show the time. This can be useful at night when you want to know exactly how long it is until you have to be up for work, without activating the phone fully, besides ther is also the well improved fingerprint unlocking system and the ability to turn the phone into a remote control for your TV.


The visual experience of the Galaxy S6 Edge can be enjoyed with the curved 5.1 inch screen using QHD 1,440 x 2,560 pixel resolution at 577 ppi, it makes amazingly sharp viewing experience.

It means that the S6 Edge is very good for viewing the exceptional pictures that the 16 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera activate you to take. The cameras are the best on the market compare with any other smartphone even to the iPhone 6. The Samsung is also has abillity to shoot good videos, even in environments with dark place or a lot of background noise.

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