How to Soft Reset on Samsung Galaxy S5

Reset Samsung Galaxy S5 – When you are using Samsung Galaxy S5, you might ever have experienced the dysfunction of an app which freezes the display. The meaning of “freeze” here is there are no actions when we touch the screen of the smartphone. Of course it should be an annoying thing because there are no inputs can be made on Samsung Galaxy S5.

how to reset samsung galaxy s5

When it happens on your Samsung Galaxy S5, you can perform soft reset. Where, by using soft reset, you can turn off and reboot the device although the device does not react via touch screen or hardware buttons.

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy S5

This is the way how to perform soft reset on Samsung Galaxy S5:

Just press and hold the power on/off for about 10 seconds. And the smartphone will get turn off and restart. So, the functions of your Samsung Galaxy S5 will work again as usual.

So, now when you experience it again, you should not be confused how to solve this problem.

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