How to solve an error on Galaxy S5 camera flash

When you activate camera app on Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone to take picture with integrated digital camera, you might find that the flash does not work. A message appears said “”Flash can not be activated.

galaxy s5 camera flash

Please try again after cooling down the device”. The message often appears in following conditions:

  • Your Samsung Galaxy S5 is below the blazing sun or in hot place, such as sauna, etc.
  • Your Samsung Galaxy S5 is getting hot due to the malfunction app that works continuously in background.
  • The pocket that is used to place your Galaxy S5 is warm and become hot.

One thing you should do to solve the problem is bring your Galaxy S5 to a cooler place. To make your phone cool quicker, turn off your Galaxy S5.

The error message is a protective mechanism of the LED photo. If the LED is on, the heat will increase which possible result overheating and malfunction of LED camera flash.

Now, you have known how to solve the problem of camera flash on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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