How to solve error message “Not registered on network” in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Sometimes, the user of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge may experience an error message stating that they are not registered on the network. This error disables the user to perform any calls or send SMS messages.

There are several possibilities causing the error messages, and the ways to solve it is also depend on the kind of the causes. We try to identify for you, as follows:

  1. The most common cause of the error is that your SIM card does not fit in the designed place. There are many cases when you use a Sim card adapter, and then the SIM card is no longer in the correct position of your slot. To deal with this problem, please check the position of your Sim card, whether it is correctly placed or not. Please make sure that the position is fine. After that, please check whether an error is still persistent or not.
  2. The error may also because a failed wireless network in your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. There may be no network in the place you are standing out or something wrong with your network setting. In case that there is no network in your place, you need to try moving the better place accessing the network, for example out door or room. In case there is something wrong with your network setting in the phone, please correct it by typing the correct number and code in the menu of network setting. Please note that different carriers may apply different number and code to access their network.
  3. The last possible cause of the error is due to failed Android system within your Smartphone. To solve these problems, we suggest you to restart your Samsung Galaxy S6. The other ways is by changing the mode of your phone to Airplane Mode, and after awhile, to set back again to the general mode. This tip is seen as the easiest ways to solve an error in Android system related to network.

These are several tips to deal with the error of Not Registered on Network in your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. We hope these tips are helpful for you.

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