How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S5 Reboots Suddenly

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S5 Reboots Suddenly – This problem, automatically reboot of your Samsung Galaxy S5 could happen to you. You may notice this problem, when you take your Galaxy S5 from your pocket and then you are asked to enter PIN of SIM card. Or maybe when you play game on your Galaxy S5, suddenly the device is getting restart without any reasons.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Reboots Suddenly

 Samsung Galaxy S5 Reboots Suddenly

The problem can happen due to either a new installed app that brings crash to the smartphone or defective battery that is not sufficient to provide power for the smartphone. In addition, a bad firmware can cause crashes of your smartphone. Thus, to detect this problem, we will inform you some causes of sudden reboot on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 Reboots Suddenly caused by an application

You can do a check using safe mode. Just boot your Galaxy S5 to safe mode, so there is now third party in this mode. If your smartphone crashes in this mode, the problem is caused by a new installed app. To set your Galaxy S5 in safe mode, follow the instructions below:

  • Turn off your Galaxy S5.
  • Press and hold the power to restart the smartphone.
  • Once the smartphone is on again, and Samsung logo is appeared you need to press and hold the volume down button immediately. At the bottom left you will find a field with “Safe Mode” text.

Galaxy S5 Reboots Suddenly caused by the Android Operating System

This case can happen when you install a new firmware without making factory reset. Thus it is suggestible for you to perform a factory reset on Samsung Galaxy S5. Please notify the explanation below:

Open menu from home screen, and then go to settings. Tap on ‘Backup and Reset’ menu, and then choose ‘Factory Data Reset’. You will get a brief description about Factory Reset. And then scroll down and tap on “Reset device”. Follow the instruction step by step to perform full wipe.

Don’t forget to backup your data before doing factory reset, because it will delete all data from your phone.

Galaxy S5 Reboots Suddenly caused by a Defective Battery

Turn off your smartphone and then remove the battery from the device. Now put the battery on the flat surface. You will find two possibilities:

If the battery is flat, the battery is OK, but if the battery is now flat, the battery is defective.

Thus, you should replace the battery because it has been inflated.

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