How to solve sending video problem via MMS on Samsung Galaxy S5

If you would like to send a video via MMS on Samsung Galaxy S5, you might find an error message appears on the display like following:

“File can not be attached. The video file is too large. The size will be changed”.

solve sending video problem via mms

If you see the message you can take action either cancel the process or crop the video. If you select “Crop”, you will be on small video editor on your Samsung Galaxy S5. The length of videos is varied. If you send the video via MMS, the size should be small, thus you need to cut and compress the video.

This problem is due to the mobile operators provide limited data for MMS, the limitation is only about 1 MB. If your video is exceeding from the limit, you have to make it small, by cropping and compressing. That is why, Samsung Galaxy S5 provides cropping option.

If you want to crop your video professionally, you can use a video editor from Samsung Galaxy App store. Using this video editor, you can change compatible format video for MMS.

Finally, you have known how to solve sending video problem via MMS on Samsung Galaxy S5 in a full size and length.

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